Activity Meets Adventure

We at ActiVentures invite you to select from one of our preset adventure tours. Be it scuba diving the best reefs in the world, or relaxing in luxurious resorts while snorkeling with whale sharks, we have an adventure thats right for you. Don't let our imagination limit your experience. Find an adventure and let us know how we can personalize it for you.

Experience Adventure

At Activentures, we take you past the tourist traps and enable you to experience the real destination. Scuba diving in the Philippines is our speciality, our reputation with the locals keep prices low and satisfaction high. Your scuba tour is met at the airport, and accompanied by at least one dive master. Our travel coordinators or "product managers," have been to each location personally. Their extensive knowledge of the people as well as the landscape will guarantee the most genuine experience possible.

Let Us Help You

Dive with whale sharks, swim through a wreck or bike around a dormant volcano’s rim. Whether it’s Scuba Diving the world’s best reefs or relaxing at a luxurious resort, we have an adventure thats right for you. Traveling ActiVentures style is a worry-free process where you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Bring the desire to explore new worlds, and we’ll fill out the paperwork. Be sure to pack an extra toothbrush though, because you won’t be able to wipe that smile off your face.

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